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The Wonderbag is the ULTIMATE SLOW COOKER as it saves on energy (it’s non-electric), gives you piece of mind (it’s unplugged), never overcooks or dries on your food (no direct heat source) and let’s you take it wherever you want (unplugged also makes it mobile).

It was developed by South African activist and entrepreneur Sarah Collins as a game-changer for both the empowerment of women and looking after our planet.

BUY-AND-GIVE. Your purchase of a Wonderbag in Europe and the US enables the Wonderbag Foundation to distribute Wonderbags to families in need throughout Africa.

Feel great about how you cook, and what your do for others. It's a win-win product!

Be sure to check out our favourite Wonderbag Recipes to nourish your body and delight your taste buds!

Chickpea and Quinoa Tabbouleh
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