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Wonderbag Slow Cooker - Green

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Product Details
MATERIALS: Cotton lining, polycotton outer textile, foam filling, drawstring with toggle for convenient closing.
INCLUDES: Beautiful recipe book with helpful tips
MEASUREMENTS: Wonderbag weighs approximately 800g and measures approximately 35cm in diameter by 16cm in height (without a pot).
CLEANING: Easily spot-clean small drips or spills with warm, soapy water. It can also be washed on a cold/hand-wash setting in your washing machine. Hang Dry.
PRICE: The EUR 50,00 price includes the standard 21% tax for goods and services in The Netherlands.

Wonderbag Non-Electric, Portable, Slow Cooker with Recipe Book

HOW: Eco-cooking designed to work with your own pots. Slow cooks your food by retaining the heat from an initial simmer on your stove. No plugs, No fuss.

FLEXIBILITY: Cooks for 1-8 hours and then keeps food warm (so you can reheat in minutes), which means you can eat when YOU are ready. Great for weekdays when time is scarce, or dinner parties & holidays when timing is crucial!

VARIETY: Cooks an array of foods - soups, stews and curries are the obvious dishes – but they’re so much more. Dried beans will never go mushy; Ancient grains cooked perfectly; Meat braised and tenderized brilliantly; Unbeatable flavor development; Food can't burn or dry out. It's your ultimate worry-free 'simmer switch'!

PORTABLE: Nutritious, tasty food - at home or at play - Beach, BBQ, Camping, Boating, Skiing and/or Entertaining at home (inside or in the garden) - anywhere, anytime. No plugs means it goes where you go. Not to mention saving you loads of time and gas when camping or on the boat!

NUTRITIOUS: Slow cooking means you can use simple ingredients from natural foods to develop bags and bags of flavor – no need to add weird e-ingredient taste enhancers, nor loads or cream or butter. And because you don’t lift the lid to stir, EVERYTHING (taste and nutrients) says in your food. Maximum flavor, maximum health.

EASY TO GOURMET: Anywhere from the ‘chuck it all in’ to the ‘cooking in layers’ method you will get concentrated flavor development by letting the Wonderbag do the ‘heaving lifting’ in the cooking department.

BUY & GIVE: Purchases of Wonderbags in the Netherlands fund donated bags for families in need in Africa (managed & distributed by The Wonderbag Foundation).

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