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You are what you eat.  But you eat what you have - what you buy, what you make.  Living Lekker is a lifestyle.  It's about developing habits around food that are healthy, tasty, and responsible.



means ‘yummy’ in Dutch.  But it applies to more than just food - it’s also a feeling.  Living Lekker is about choosing the right foods and making them taste great, so that when you Eat Lekker, you Feel Lekker!

Join us in the journey towards a yummy way of life!



WE EXIST to inspire people to return to real food - food that is healthy, tasty and responsible.



WE BELIEVE nourishing, yummy, thoughtful

food feeds our personalities and lifestyles, so that life can be even more extraordinary.



Living Lekker is about a lekker lifestyle.

It's about establishing healthy habits in your kitchen

and in your routines that leave you feeling good about yourself.


Fad diets don't work.  People go on diets, then they go off diets.

Living Lekker is about HAVING a diet.  Having an every-day way of eating that is all around good for you and our planet.



When food tastes great, we crave it, we want to eat it again.  If we crave it, then it's easy for it to become a habit.  Many foods are yummy, but not all foods leave you feeling yummy after the fact.


Living Lekker recipes focus on making healthy foods taste so good you will crave them.  Eat lekker and feel lekker!


For yourself.  With Food.  For the planet. 


The time for being irresponsible is long over.  As individuals, we must be thoughtful of our planet's precious resources.  We need to reduce your food waste and increase the good, sustainable foods in our life.  As a collective, we can make a difference.


We seek to partner with social enterprises that give back.  Whether it's supporting feeding schemes in your own country or food/energy/water projects somewhere far away...we're all in this together.


Farms are heaving with food that is great for us...but sometimes it can be daunting to figure out what to do with it.


We follow the research and trends around food and nutrition, and then focus on creating delicious recipes that make it easy to get those foods into us (and you) on a regular basis.


Our food principles are simple:  Eat real food.


Now, let's go a bit further:  eat an abundance of vegetables and grains; go for in-season, local produce; look for sustainable fish stocks; reduce your meat intake, get rid of the white sugar, throw out highly processed foods (cuz they're not really food).


 It all comes down to choices.  Michael Pollan is known for saying you vote with your fork.  Bon appetite!

Chickpea and Quinoa Tabbouleh
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