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A background in the technology industry might not seem like a natural leap to a food business, but I come from a long line of foodies.  My grandfather owned a restaurant.  My grandmother was way ahead of her time in the1950's with a health food store and juice bar.  My mother was quite the gourmet cook, really honing her skills after living in Europe.


I can't remember a time when I wasn't keen to help my mom in the kitchen; or learn how to make brown rice porridge from my grandmother.  Could be because I loved eating...caveat, as long as it tasted good!


Although I pursued a degree in finance and enjoyed a career of 21 years in the technology industry - food, health and fitness have always featured strongly in my personal life.  I’m constantly following the research on nutrition, and experimenting with ways to make healthy food taste delicious…going for the ‘lick your plate’ effect. 

When my Dutch stepdaughter told me that I’m known amongst her friends as “the lady who makes everything taste good” I thought, ok, now it’s time to leap!



I am a  foodie with the practical ‘brakes’ of fussy eaters, working life, and ‘average’ equipment in my kitchen. I have all the passion and commitment to cook well for my family and friends but my basic food knowledge and equipment does get me into trouble – not least because I love to get creative and stray from recipes and instructions (with mixed results!). 


Cathy’s food knowledge is real armour for me when prioritizing what I am cooking and buying for the week.  I want to share with you how Cathy’s cooking expertise and passion has inspired me, and changed the way I feel about planning and preparing meals for my family.  


Cathy’s Cooks Notes are really important, I hope they give you what they give me:  new knowledge and confidence – and they stop me straying where I shouldn’t!


Living Lekker was founded by Cathy Meness and Jac Squire, who come from different backgrounds - both culturally and in the kitchen - yet share a strong passion for food, people, the environment, and giving back.

Chickpea and Quinoa Tabbouleh
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