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MEAL PLAN BUNDLE 6-PACK (€3.00 savings & free shipping)

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Product Details
INGREDIENTS: 100% organic herbs and spices. No added sugar or salt.
INCLUDES: 2x Variety Packs (6 individual sachets, 2 of each Taste - Santa Fe, Tuscany, Lebanon)
SERVES: Each sachet recipe makes 4 servings
VALUE: €12 value for €10. Flavour 6 different meals with 100% organic, all natural ingredients.
STORAGE: Cool, dark and dry
SHIPPING: FREE SHIPPING in the Netherlands and the UK!


No more buying and fiddling with 5-10 different herb and spice jars every night.

Explore the amazing tastes of SANTA FE, TUSCANY & LEBANON by adding our pre-portioned spice blends to a range of different foods.

BUNDLE INCLUDES 2x the VARIETY PACK (6 individual sachets, 2 of each flavour) each optimised for 4 servings per recipe.

THIS GIVES YOU 6 recipe options - which will get you through one Weekly Meal Plan, or go ala carte and Discover what you can make with each spice blend.

Click through the thumbnails to see examples of the variety of delicious meals you can make with this single spice blend.

FLAVOUR YOUR LIFE...salads, soups, grains, pulses, dips, spreads, wraps, veggies, pasta, seafood, chicken, name it, we season it.

So PICK UP SOME FRESH INGREDIENTS and let your TASTE buds TRAVEL this beautiful world...

... and COOK WITH CONFIDENCE that you're getting something that tastes great, and is great for you.

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Chickpea and Quinoa Tabbouleh
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