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Have you ever tasted a pickled cucumber & onion salad in a really good Asian restaurant?  Well, even if you haven’t, trust me, it’s deliciously crisp and fresh and pairs well with just about everything! 😋

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With that as inspiration, I’ve been playing around with a dressing that mimics that sweet & sour, pickled flavor and then applied it to a pile of different veggies that are sturdy enough to hold their crunch.  I ate this for 4 days in a row and it was fantastic. 👌
Try it!! 👍

PREP TIME:  15 min


SERVES:  4-6 side salads


🥒 3 TBSP (45 ml) olive oil
🥒 4-5 TBSP (60-75 ml) honey, to taste
🥒 7 TBSP (105 ml) apple cider vinegar
🥒 ¼ tsp salt
🥒 ¼ tsp pepper



🥒 1 cucumber
🥒 1 fennel bulb (venkel for the Dutchies)
🥒 4 celery stalks
🥒 1 carrot
🥒 7 oz (200 g) radishes
🥒 1 red onion, thinly sliced (not pictured)


1) Add all of the DRESSING ingredients to a bowl and use a whisk to thoroughly combine.


2) Wash all the celery, cucumber, radishes and fennel.  Peel the carrot and onion.  Trim off the ends of all veggies and thinly slice.

3) Add veggies to a large bowl, pour over the dressing and mix well.

4) Further salt to taste as needed.


Transfer to a serving bowl and top with some of the fronds/greens from the fennel bulb (they are tasty and beautiful).

Recipe & Photo Credit:  Cathy Menees​




HONEY TIP:  I really LOVE sharp, tart flavors like vinegar and lemon juice, so I tend to use 4 TBSP of honey when I’m making this for myself to eat all week.…but for my husband and any friends who like the vinegar to be more subtle, then I use 5 TBSP of honey.  Just play with it and adjust to your own taste buds!



If preparing the day before, don't add the radishes until a few hours before serving.  The red from their skins will bleed and discolor the other veggies a bit.  still tasty, but not as beautiful.


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